As soon as I show interest she shows less interest, what should I do?

I started dating a girl but something is worrying me with her. As soon as I show a bit more interest, she shows less interest.

I noticed this pattern early on though, I only dated her like for a month, but still it seems to me like a red flag. I do not know what I am doing wrong with her.

Like for example if I text her a bit more often, she would text me less and less. I have to text her and then wait for a day for her to text me back. If I let her text me more often than me, she would wait less to text me back.

Even when I talk with her and I start talking more and more, she starts to say less and less to the point of almost saying nothing so I have to move back at let her start to talk again mostly herself.

What should I do?


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  • She is. either doing the treat him mean keep him keen game. Or she is controlling the pace of your relationship development.


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  • Women are bored of men trying to dance in circle. It is clearly shown when you text more, she texts less. As a man, you've to get to the point quickly as possible. Ask her out if you're romantically interested.


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  • Cut her off. She's no good.


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