40 likes on a dating app in 1 week, but no girl replies?

Seemingly, I must be pretty attractive to get so many likes so quickly, but not a single one of the girls I text even replies. I send them something like "Hi, I would be interested in getting to know you if you are too", they see it, but no response.

Are they maybe too intimidated or something like this?

I have more than 100 likes in total though, but they can't see how many likes I have


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  • they probably busy replying to the other 100 guys who messaged them

    • true, but they have to of opened and read it for it to say "seen"

    • @Dousj yes but one of the 100 men, im sure they found someone who is better looking than him.

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  • Online dating is very hard for guys. there will be maybe 2 out of 10 girls will like you back, so it's very hard to engage them in conversations. Unless they see you have a VERY VERY good social life from your profile.


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