So I'm very confused about what to do here! Any advice? Or thoughts?

So this guy & I... I guess u could say we're good friends with some extra benefits lol! We really do like eachother! We're like really really cool! It's not like a no strings attached kind of thing bc we've both admitted that we really like eachother a lot but we want to become best friends before having a RELATIONSHIP! So he & I used to text All day EVERYDAY! & now he has been barely texting me! Like he even stopped the good morning texts! & when we do text, we might send 10 messages TOTAL all day long in like a 2 or 3 hour period! So recently, we talked about it on the phone & just talked about the problems were having with each other's attitudes I guess u could say & he told me that he doesn't have his phone 24/7 & he even told me earlier into this that some days we wouldn't talk (which he did cuz he's super busy & stressed) which I understand but I mean it takes a few seconds to send a text u know? So I said Ima take it slow bc he will sometimes just go MIA outta nowhere when we text & he will just read my message & not reply so I went a whole day without texting him & THEN he called me when I didn't contact him & then he did it again where he just read my message & so I didn't contact him lol & HE decided to contact me & we texted a little but he once again went MIA & he was honestly texting dry, like saying just "haha" or "lol" & so I didn't know what to respond to his dry messages lol so I just sent two emojis with the tongue out winky face& he read it after about 2 hours & then some hours later I texted "Wyd?" & a couple hours after I sent that, he read it but no reply. So I'm thinking about not contacting him again! Guys this is getting aggravating! I can tell he likes me but I mean dang I don't like this distance & MIA stuff he's doing! So what should I do y'all? I mean I REALLY like him! He's sweet, attractive, funny & honestly he's such an honest person to my knowledge! He's always so real & open with me but this is getting ridiculous! What y'all think?


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  • Why don't you try ask him out and stop playing all these texting bullshits? have you slept together?

    • It's him that's doing it! He doesn't like when I text him if he didn't reply bc it annoys him I guess! But I'm doing this thing where I don't contact him until he contacts me bc why keep texting him if he doesn't reply? Lol like when I don't text him, then he texts me! It's weird af! This has never happened with us until recently! He's a sweet guy & he's very real with me but this is getting annoying to me tho! I don't wanna be wasting time playing these hot & cold games ! & yes we did months ago & we got even closer after we had sex like SUPER close! But don't worry, it's not about the sex at all, trust me

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    • yeap. He should've set a definite time, place since u hve given him a date for the date. Continue circulating. I believe there're more guys worth your attentions.

    • Aww thank u so much for your comments!

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