Mhhmmm what would you do?

It's been about a week since my boyfriend broke up with me. There were times I ask to hear my side of my story, he broke up with me off assumptions. So I let it go stop begging him, this morning he text me and said 'We can talk tonight if that's what you really want? I replied and said 'ok that's fine. I been waiting to talk things out with him. The night came but he didn't answer the phone or texts. 2 hours later he text and said 'Sorry I was busy and forgot. Earlier we was texting seem like we never broke up we was flirting and laughing. Now I don't even know if he is playing games now? What could this be?


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  • Now that you're not officially together, there's no pressure, so he can laugh and talk freely. It sounds like the pressure was too much for him.

    I would let him have his freedom. Maybe it was too soon for him to be in any kind of LTR<

    • I had ask him if he was ok with talking. He could have been honest and just said no, I wouldn't be hurt at all.
      We argue for like 30 min. I ask him" I just want to know how you really feel? Do you feel deep down in your gut that we can try this out again. He replied " if that's what you really want then ok.
      He went around the question like wtf... So now I guess I have no choice but to really move on.

    • Sorry to say, yes, move on, keep him as a friend, who knows what the future shall bring?

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  • Ask him what he want he. Tell him what you want and don't want. If you guys want to get back together, well ok do that, but if he is just pulling you in close to only push you back, then tell him not to waste your time.


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  • He is using u and u should block him. There is no way he is gonna take u back

  • He's just playing games. Seems like he may be regretting to break up with you cause he climbing back to you as a dumper. Move on

    • Question for you. Why after the Break up men get mean and rude. They seem not to have no feelings after that? But after when you don't text or call them they come back running?

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    • Ok so let me ask you this. What happens if he came to his senses and realized what a dumb decision I made am sorry? I can tell you he was an amazing boyfriend never disrespected me in no type of way. He just had this one flaw that I was willing to accept and work with. The one flaw was insecurities.

    • Why you can't observe this pattern when you both haven't been exclusive? You're asking whether a cheater will cheat or not in the future. That's basically same thing. A person will still be insecure/cheat even though they'will be doing less.
      If you honestly still can accept him, go back. Decision is up to you still

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