Guys, Online dating guy flake. Worth another try?

Met a guy online and seemed to have a lot in common. He asks to hang out over the weekend then comes back with a good excuse that one day is out but another that same weekend might work. I ask day of it we're still on but never hear back. That was 2 days ago. Do I try again and follow up? What would I say?


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  • No don't give home ur time of day. If u do give him one final try.

    The reason y is he using u as someone one to talk to because he lonely. and likes the feeling he gets when someone shows him attention but is to shy or a coward to meet in real life becuaee he's only charming behind a computer. but if he put a little more effort in him self he might see there something there. A lot of guys online suffer from lonleyness and selfesteem issue and using the internet is a scapegoat for them.

    They say they are gonna meet to keep ur attention is all.


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  • He's just not that into you.

  • Wait for him to initiate

    • Ok, so I waited and he did. He apologized even. Very sweet. Suggestions on getting him to reschedule?

    • tell him you would like to have some coffee

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