A muslim and a Christian?

So i am a 23 year old perisan girl, who just got her first boyfriend, we have dated for 6 months now.
He is 27 and he is maroccan man and is a muslim. Both our parents know about this, i have grown up with a single mother who is very open minded and he has both his parents, but they are very religious.

We both are very open minded, we drink, we party, he smokes ( at times) we have sex and we have many friend from different countries and backgrounds and religions.

I am a strong believer and his family is a strong believe as well, he himself not as much.

So do you think a muslim and a christian can come together and be married and have kids?

We are so alike and we are so connect and have a great time with eachother and i have such love for him, and i can see a future with him and i want one with him.. but i dont know how it wil evolve.


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  • Religiously speaking Islam has no objections in regard to the marriage between a Christian and Muslim
    So yes I think u guys can have a future, as for him being not so religious well that is something that works out in yr favor

    • it doesnt? please explain more

    • and why not, why do they have no objectons against christians

    • Christians and Jews are called people of the book I. e scriptures that were sent down by Allah (God) so marrying them is allowed because the fundamental beliefs are the same
      It works out in your favor because he wouldn't expect u to follow his faith which will make it easier for u to do what u want

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  • Yes I believe it's possible and its my hope that more and more inter religious couples can learn to get on and allow love to break down these religious barriers. Show the rest of us the way forward is love and tolerance.
    Iam an atheist so religion holds no barriers for me but I can see that this especially Christian / Muslim couples would be of great benefit to help understanding. And tolerance. I fear you will come in for a bit of religious judgment but I hope your love for each other can over come this.

  • we have a saying here: where two different beliefs sleeps on one pillow there sleeps the devil in between


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