Should I tell her?

So I've known my current girlfriend for about 2 years now and we've only started dating like 3 months ago. We her along great and I like being around her and it's very enjoyable... That is until food is involved. I was born without permanent teeth in one of my front tooths. I will have an implant next year but until then I have to wear a retainer with a fake tooth that covers that spot out. However, when I eat I have to take the retainers out which leaves a giant gap in my teeth and I look like a complete dork. She knows about my missing tooth, but I still get really insecure about this and whenever we eat (so far our dates involve food, then some other activity if we both have the time, the both of us are extremely busy), I get super awkward. I know if I talk or have to laugh, I'll look so stupid. I feel like she realises that I do get awkward. Should I tell her that I do get awkward cause if this reason?


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  • Sure you can tell her. There's nothing wrong with expressing feelings to your boyfriend or girlfriend. I also highly doubt this bothers her or is weird to her. She chose you man :)

  • Yeah, just so she knows and can help you with your insecurity on it.


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