Did I mess it up with the guy I like?

I really like one of my guy friends. The past couple of days we've been texting non stop, but do take our time in responding. I've been wanting him to step it up for a while because I feel like I'm the one always taking initiative. So I decided to add one of his friends on Facebook, and his friend asked for my number. But it was all friendly and nothing romantic. I noticed this bothered my crush because he would ask what we were talking about and bring it up. I was messing with him at first because I always do that, but I feel like I should have just been honest and said "I don't like your friend that way" Because now, when I text him the other day, his reply had the word "bro" in it, and sounded a bit blunt which isn't like him. He asked me how my day was and when I told him he never replied back. I assumed he was busy but it's been a day, and still haven't heard. I also noticed his friend stopped texting me too. Is he over me? Should I wait a couple of days and if he doesn't respond, make a comment that I don't see his friend that way? I hope it's not too late. I believe he's liked me for a long time, but he's a Scorpio so they normally take their time when they like someone.


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  • Don't trust star signs in romance please. It's pointless and means nothing.

    You likely did frustrate your crush and made it seem like you are into his friend. I'm sure you can fix this by just telling your crush as suggested by you, that you are not interested in his friend. It's never over. You can still explain yourself and fix this.


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