Can a non GED girl and a PH. D. Guy work?

Hey I'm 22 my girlfriend a the same age I'm about to complete collage in 9 years and my girl has no job or GED and is same age is life going to be harder for use or no

P. S trying to major in astronomy

(no I'm not thinking of dumping her I'm a thinker so I think on stuff.


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  • If you're okay with supporting her and aren't likely to feel resentment (and she's okay with whatever arrangement of things you two work out), then it can work.

    ESPECIALLY if you have several interests in common that aren't contingent on education level (rock climbing, etc). Because you will be seeing someone across a class divide there, and you want to make sure there are things you can easily do together where she won't feel pressured for not having more education/stupid.


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  • Education is said be be an important similarity in lasting couples but I myself cannot see why that would be true.

  • I don't know who gives a shit about that stuff, if you like each other that's it.


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