How do you get over a guy who doesn't like you back?

So there is this guy who is really nice, super goodlooking and tall. i really like him but i am pretty sure i have no chance with him since i am not as goodlooking as him. , he also happens to be my sister's in laws side so we are gonna see each other for a long time. so how can i cope when he gets a girlfriend or gets married? i would propbably be invited to that as well. And even now, girls are always staring at him and i have to act all funny and devil-may-care about it when i actually feel kinda jealous. what to do?

Guys? Gals?


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  • Lower your standards and fill the hole with someone else. lmao


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  • I think you're thinking way too ahead. Right now you can either do something to see if he's interested, like ask him to hang out, or start meeting other guys.


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  • Just shrug it off! Like whatever! Like you aren't hot shit!


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