I think I might just delete my online dating profile and tinder, thoughts?

I've recently tried online dating and tinder. Here is what I came accross:

Online dating:
- Would send 30 messages a day, only to get 1-3 replies (most of which just end after 3 replies for each)
- a lot of fat girls (not that I have anything wrong with bigger girls, I actually prefer them on the chubby side, but even the ones that are heavier then you ignore you)
-For some reason, there are hot girls on there. (why would hot girls be on a site like this, with all its rep)
- Most girls expect you to write something different, not just "hey", but when it comes to conversing, they reply with 1-3 words
-Seems to me like online dating is pro-girls and anti-men. (Im a guy, so I know how we think. Im aware of the nasty messages girls receive at times. Girls will receive 15 other messages along with yours, so all this does is boost her self esteem/confidence, whereas in real life she would rarely/never get that.

- Barely any matches (when you are matched, girls will not respond nor unmatch you, for reasons I can't possibly understand)
-If you do get a reply, she is probably speaking to 15 other dudes (The app lets you seem when the other is active, and I have caught girls being on tinder ALL DAY, every hour, or within the hour)
- You get their number, start flirting some more. But this soon ends because of all the guys she has acquired (Even a simple request as sending you a PG rated picture or a simple voice message to have a sense of familiarity becomes the end of your supposed exchanges with these girls

All in all, it seems to me that girls themselves are so superficial that they lie to themselves in believing they are this godess deity with so many guy fawning over them, that the small percentage of the grounded, honest guys get hit with low self esteem because of this. I myself am considered Handsome in real life. The fact that I barely get any messages hit my self esteem (abit, not alot). In real life, I am the one of the funniest guys you can meet, have jokes for days, hard working, cultured, friendly. I think I will just approach girls in real life since this cutsout all the bullshit, and the signs of attraction (whether evident or not) are directly in my eye sight. What do you all think? And/or your experience with these online platforms


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  • Hot girls can end up on a dating site because it's hard to meet quality people first of all. Secondly, online dating is literally people shopping. Everybody gets an ego when they're online; they go through person after person trying to find a reasonably attractive individual, and if they are reasonably attractive they probably have an overly bombarded inbox so they only reply to other hot people or people who stand out.


Most Helpful Guy

  • in the most simplistic version of the online dating theory, it is ideal for men. The delete key is vital. Men can be completely sure of what they want to say before saying it, and thus easily feign confidence or whatever it is they want to feign. Plus, the anonymity allows men to either get right down "to the point," or try a more subtle approach, without losing face in front of friends or friends of friends. Ideal!

    But, because it is so ideal for men, a lot of men use it. On the other hand, it is the worst option for women. All of those things that women want to check on before agreeing to date/meet someone (confidence, subtlety..) it is impossible to verify them online. Men like the online option because it saves them from any chance of embarrassment. Women generally loathe the online option for the same reason - though some will attempt it anyway as a time-saver, or if they are just curious, or if they are desperate..

    There is a plus side, though. With so many men trying to make something of the crutch of online dating, that means there are fewer men out in the real world trying to pick up girls. This makes meeting girls in the real world slightly easier.


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  • Online dating is like being at a smorgasbord. People walk in and are like "Look at all the food!" and then other people walk in and are like "Where's the prawns?" Because prawns are a popular item. So you have to settle for prawn's less popular alternative... Shrimp 😒

    FYI men who have success online often fall into the attention trap as well. They become addicted to online dating. It can be very hard starting a relationship with someone you met online.

  • Meet people out in world best way


What Guys Said 2

  • Dude online dating and apps rarely works try the old fashioned way hit them on the streets

  • Ya I stopped using tinder after like a week lol


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