Men how do you feel/ what do you do when your girlfriend is upset and crying about something you did?

She isn't yelling, she isn't blaming you she is just telling you how upset something made her. Do you think she is ridiculous or do you try to comfort her? Do you try to understand?


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  • It depends if she is crying simply to get her own way and is not real tears but fake ones it pisses me off but if she is honestly upset then I would comfort her in most cases. However, if she had just cheated on me and I told her off for it and she start to cry there is not way on earth I am going to comfort her.

    • Or if she had just treated me like shit then I am not going to feel sorry for her.

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    • Yes and it was not needed an unfair on me. What I said is perfectly reasonable and not hating women in anyway.

    • You also have no idea why I am single. You don't know my life and you don't know me so I would appreciate it if you did not comment on that either.

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  • In my experience, when you cry the guy drops everything he was saying and suddenly hugs you and holds you and comforts you. Regardless of the argument tbh, when I cried he would drop it and apologise... Eventually. Ok now I think back not everytime, sometimes he just left.

    • The men above would disagree. Apparently they think it is their right to decide whether or not we have a right to our feelings.

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  • i feel bad that she is upset. even if what she is upset about is kinda silly i'll feel bad that she's upset

    i always try to comfort her and definitely try and understand what she's feeling

    • And this is how you avoid and unecessary fight and get a good nights sleep. ☺️

  • Try to comfort her of course she wouldn't be crying for nothing at all would try to help her and see what's happening. Don't like people being upset. Thanks have a good day :)

  • Depends on what the argument was about. Was what he said the truth?

    • I didn't say it is an argument. She's just letting you know something really hurt her. It could be leaving her behind at the last moment after inviting her to do something, it could be sex related or whatever. The main thing is she is upset and from your end you don't see why the hell she is upset and crying.

      I guess it comes down to do you respect her right to have feelings and be upset even though you don't understand why. Especially if it is out of character for her to cry infront of you or be upset about anything. You've known her for a year and this is only the second time you've seen her cry and first time over anything you did.

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    • Sometimes we just want to be held and reassured.

    • I'd be sensitive

  • if it does not make any logical sense then yes it is total BS in my eyes.

    for examples
    NOT BS : she cried cause i said something really mean to her
    BS: cause i was running lat for work and forgot to kiss her and say I love you by mistake due to my mind being on other thoughts

    • Yeah see that's where the trouble is.

      She tells you she was crying because you didn't kiss her but if you peal back the layers of the onion just a bit she'll tell you it is actually not just that it's because you've been being distant and she knows something is bothering you but you won't tell her what other than its not her. But then she feels it is her because you haven't had sex in three weeks and you've been sleeping on the other side of the bed.

      Just because it doesn't make sense to you doesn't mean it isn't a really big deal to her. I mean your choice are say nothing and just hold her or be a dick and start a huge fight because you're telling her she's crazy= you don't respect her right to feel a certain way

      Women don't do this type of shit to men.

    • out of sheer curiosity asker are you perhaps in some way dealing with some kind of consious or sub consious greivince form a present or past relation ship you may have not or in the process of dealing with but projecting your own personal thoughts and feeling via a proxy of this question?

      simply out of sheer curiosity : )

    • Well yes as luck would have it I recently had a situation like this with my boyfriend. Instead of write him off as cruel I've been tossing around why men might just default to 'it doesn't make sense to me therefore it is bollocks.'

      I've run into this before but not in a long time. I seem to find if he grew up with at least one sister the man tends to be less prone to this type of thinking.

      It just seems a bit arrogant to make yourself both the judge and the jury in deciding whether or not she has a right to her feelings. Especially when we aren't pointing fingers, we just want a cuddle and a kiss.

      It's extremely rare anything ever gets me that upset. But when that upset if I can't shake it my choices are: a) go secretly cry in the closet then go to bed OR b) say I'm upset have a cry, cuddle then sleep

      If you live together or are staying together these are the only choices. Something has to extremely upset me to make crying inevitable.

  • I feel powerful and like I just want to slap that ass as I yank that hair pushing the limits of her womb.

  • If it's ridiculous I'll think it's ridiculous, it depends how ridiculous it is as to whether or not I'll justify it with attempting to comfort her. If it's justified I'll sort it out.

    • So basically you don't see her emotions as valid? You decide whether or not she has a 'right' to be upset and if you don't agree fuck her? Interesting thanks for sharing. I don't think this is that uncommon of a view unfortunately.

      I mean crap if your girlfriend isn't prone to crying isn't that enough to cause alarm? Her emotions are real why does it matter if you think they are valid? It isn't up to you to decide.

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    • No only if they have a repeat history of similar behavior. Growing up I had at least two dozen female friends in high school. I'd say maybe at most two or three were the manipulative crying type. Women can spot it better than men. If a man your age sees his girlfriend cry more than once some of them assume she is being manipulative when infact it is just a toxic relationship. I've seen enough of those and the girl did cry probably every week but not because she was being manipulative but because it was an emotionally abusive relationship.

      In my college years and beyond I don't put up with that kind of drama either though I did run into a handful of them they were never close friends. If women are crying around you on the regular time to take another look at what is going on. You might just be picking the wrong women but more than likely you are part of the equation. 😕

    • Maybe I know they're being manipulative but I don't care because I just want the V. lmao

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