Any guy who I like falls for my best friend!!!

Every guy I have liked or that said he liked me has fallen for my best friend.

I always feel like I'm not good enough but then I look at my best friend and I know why they all think she is amazing.

Should I say something to her or not?

Its not like she can do anything about it.


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  • Yeah, I've been there too. Its frustrating. But I learned a lot about interacting with people by watching the friend of mine that was getting all the attention from girls. I changed the way I talked to people and how open I was and things got a lot better. If you value her as a friend I wouldn't confront her about it, unless of course you think she is doing it on purpose. Maybe try talking to your friend and ask her if she she thinks your doing something wrong. Just keep it friendly , curious, and focused on you. Maybe she has some insight if you ask right.

    My recommendation is definitely DO NOT fall into the roll of being the middleman between these guys you like and your friend. Like if they start wanting to talk to you about her or ask you about her. Don't do it. Then your just setting yourself up for jealousy and hard feelings. And you'll get stuck being her full time ambassador to guys.

    What is it that she does that makes her amazing to guys? Watch what she does. I don't mean you should be a clone of her, but sometimes those charismatic people have something you can learn from them like simply being a happy, outgoing person or how to flirt and talk to people. Are you shy or do you worry about guys a lot? That kind of stuff shows in your personality even if you don't see it.

    Just be positive and be yourself and the right guy will come along. And forget about the guys that choose your friend. They obviously don't see you for the person you are. Also, don't forget that you can approach guys too! You don't have to wait for them to decide if they like you or not. Most guys respect and appreciate girls that approach them if you don't seem desperate. Good luck!

    • Thanks.

      she is just awesome, I don't know what she does to make them like her.

      we look simular. Same height, weight, hair, personallity. Pretty much everything. We didn't try to be the same we were like that when I met her again in 7th grade.

  • Well I agree with what Buggin Mint said, but also if you are interested in a guy, try being with him, going on dates with him, alone, without introducing him to your best friend. Let him get to know you and see your worth and get attached. Then introduce them, if he's a decent guy and likes you already, there won't be a problem, and don't forget to be aggressive with him around her, make sure you aren't just inviting him to fall for her instead, let him know you're interested!

    • Thanks.

      well I would leave it up to him. She would nt do anything to make him think anything. Guys just love her but I really can't blame them.

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