Why do beautiful girls like unattractive guys such as non popular or even not so handsome over other guys? What qualities do women look for?

Prefer teenagers in highschool right now to furthermore my question but any advice can help.


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  • personality, would you want to be with the most attractive person but have them abuse you?

    • That makes sense thank u cuz rn i like this one girl and she's extremely popular and she likes me too and i was wondering why she chose me cuz im not as popular im known but not popular

    • yeah, anyway good luck with her mate

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  • I'm in HS. I just turned 18 a month ago, not 20, lol. They choose "unattractive guys" who are "non popular" because they aren't shallow. They actually go for personality. Maybe you should try the same. I go for guys who may be deemed to other people as unattractive guys, but I don't care because I'm not just looking at their looks. I'm looking at their personality.


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