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Hot blonde married chick at work and i hit it off when we first met last week. She sat next to me at an event and didn't say anything at first then started chatting with me, the more we talked the more we found how similar we were. It was almost like we were in our own little world. She told me about how she was married and kept accidental referring to him as her boyfriend. Then when we were leaving someone asked if she could give me a ride home. The person that drove me had to leave early. So when it was time to go she seemed nervous she went out the wrong foot and had to start over. Then on the car she referred to her husband as boyfriend again and started laughing.

I want ant to see her again because I couldn't believe how similar we were, but she's married. Seriously though, what was up with calling him boyfriend? Not even fiancée, but bf?


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  • Leave her alone. She's taken


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