My boyfriend doesn't initiate sex?

He tells me that his sex drive is low, and all he ever wants to do is cuddle and lay down when we are together. And plus he only gets to ejaculate once when we do have sex, and then he can't hard again after some time. What's up with that? It's frustrating when he doesn't initiate, and I'm always doing it. He says that my sex drive is too high. I don't know what to do. Thoughts?


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  • Iam very sorry for your situation. Please don't think this is anything to do with you.
    Mismatched sex drives can be so destructive. Many things can cause it but the greatest cause in men is usually stress definitely ED ( erectile dysfunction )
    Is he circumcised?

    • Yeah, he is. Does that have any sort of effect?

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    • Well yes it does you are very sexy to him. Work more on arousing his mind talk to him be dirty talk dirty. Practice giving long slow hand jobs with lots of good lube that contain moisturiser. Cob nut oil pure raw organic would be my recommendation. Moisturizing the cock head regularly will help. Turn it into a bit of roll play your his sex therapist and its time for his treatment.

    • He says nothing would turn him on, not even at the sight of things. He doesn't put sex as an important quality in a relationship

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  • Cumming only once is pretty normal. I can go only once and then I need to recharge for about 24 hours. Never wanting to initiate means he feels guilty for going what he wants, or feels sex is dirty. Since he has already admitted he has a low sex drive, I recommend a visit to the doc to make sure everything is ok. But, I do agree with the other comments that you two may simply be not compatible.

  • You are not sexually compatible.

    • Is that usually a deal breaker for a lot of couples?

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    • I didn't put anything IN!

      Get it? Sex?

      I'm a terrible pervert. I'm going to my corner.

    • LMAO thank you for the crack up. xD

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