Do you have an ex that you really would like to date again?


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  • No. Not really.

    I'll tell you what, though. There was a girl named Natalie who was my childhood best friend. I used to call her dad's house and we used to speak on the telephone every night when phones used to be corded and a landline. She was a year older than me and so when she went to college, she moved on without me while I was still in high school.

    Fair enough. 10 years later, I went back to my hometown and got baptized and randomly found that I went to the same church as her brother. I would sit in the last row and ended up sitting next to him and his wife, who was his high school sweetheart.

    Anyways, a couple of months went by this was when Adele's song 'Hello' came out and people started calling their ex's--and, it was like I kept running into people that who were close to her but not ever her.

    Then eventually, I saw her running downtown. I was SO EXCITED that I got out of my car and illegally left my car parked in a no parking zone and ran after her. But, she was SO COLD and treated me like a stranger. She said "It's been a long time..." and treated me I was just like some guy trying to pick her up but I'm thinking "We have history, or don't you remember?"

    It's fine though because I see clearly now and now she's just a ghost. Like she was never alive. RIP.

    • Wow man at least you tried to talk to her. She should had showed you better respect.

    • I wish her the best and I am going to find a greater love. That is nicer, too.

    • That is good that you left of on good terms. Some guys would get mad and hurt
      That is true you will find somebody better. Im still shock that she tried to pretend she don't remember who you were. It's like how can she forget about you talking on the phone with her.

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  • Well, seeing as how my first turned into a pedophile and went after 15 year old girls (including my sister) at the age of 19... I'd say no.

    • Wow that is so terrible sorry to hear about that. I hope he got caught.

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    • I know, I hope so too!

      It's especially creepy that he tried to go after my sister.
      I put a stop to that as soon as she told me.
      I told him I was going to call the police if he so much as texted the words "hi" to her, and I blocked and deleted him on all of her social media and phone.

      I'm just glad she came to me.
      He was offering to give her free beer and "cuddles". This was literally 6 months before she got interested in doing either of those things, so I got lucky with the timing, otherwise she might have been a victim of it.

    • Yeah that is so true.

      Im very glad your sister came to you for help. And im glad you was able to stop him from trying to get your sister. Yeah that guy is very sick and twisted and very deranged. He needs to be put away for a very long time. That is so creepy the way he is and the stuff that he has done.


  • Nope! I do not!


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  • I have an ex-me lover who I want to make them love me... because I didn't know they've liked me then..

    • Good luck with that because that might be tough.

    • Just wished.. hehe, if I get to contact her ever.. I don't know I'll see in future :P

    • Yeah man you never know. I hope you get to talk to her. Maybe onr day you will run into her.

  • Definitely. There is one I dated when I had a lot of stuff going on and my head was a mess, I would love to see what we would be like now that I have a clear head again.
    Apart from her, no not really

  • Lol nope, nope, nope.

  • of course I do but I know a lot of girls so there is bound to be some from past I'd give another chance. its weird there is some girls from past I wouldn't want around period and would have little interest even talking to. but there is a few I regret how things turned out or don't feel I really got a descent chance with the first time and would like another shot with. there is a few ex's that got away I'd most definity go after if they were available now

    • Yeah man I feel you. Sometimes having another chance would be nice to see what happens.

    • some of these girls its been so long its not likely to happen or they'd have changed so much from when I knew them I might not be as interested now anyways. you realise as time passes there might of been a window in time when I could of dated them and that window has passed. such as girls I knew in high school or college that was likely my chance. or others I meet during the summer months over the years that was my chance.

    • That is true. It depends on the window of opportunity. Too much time passes then it changes things. Also girls change to with looks and body shape as they get older. The old them might look better then the new them.

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