Girls, why does tthis girl take hours to respond?

the girl i am interested in at the moment takes a long time to respond what does this mean


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  • Well, she may be playing hard to get, if she's a bit of a flirt, but if she's usually pretty low-key then she might not be interested...
    Or she might just be a slooooow texter like me, anyhow, best of luck 😋

    • should i give up on her?

    • It really depends, do you think it's going anywhere? Spend some time with her face to face, you'll have an opportunity to get to know her even better and you won't have to wait for her response. You should also try to meet some other girls in case she doesn't like you like that.
      Who knows, your girl might not even know you like her, try to drop subtle, repeat, SUBTLE hints every now and then, nothing too obvious or you'll freak her out

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