How is it NOT sexist for society to force a man to pay on the first date?


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  • Some men actually don't mind paying on the first date. I've offered to pay on several dates and the guys always refuse to let me.

    • Finally! A true independent woman!

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  • You have an armed officer on your date who forces you to pay? What agency sends him on your dates? You should complain about this!

    • Coercion is also quite an effective form of forcing gender roles down a person's throught.

    • You have the capacity to say "no!" and it is your choice to do the easy thing rather than stand up for what you believe. Actually, there are girls who would be more comfortable with a guy who stands up and says "fuck you" to that tradition, so stand up and say it out loud.

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  • No one is forcing anyone to do anything..

    Whoever asks someone out.. should pay.

    • But there's a loophole... Society expects men to do the asking!

    • but.. that isn't always the case.

      and.. no one is making you ask anyone out at all.

    • That's not what loophole means...

  • I know lots of people who split. I've always preferred it because too many guys feel like you owe them.

    However, girls get a lot of pressure to go out with guys they don't have a lot of immediate physical interest in, whereas guy usually ask out girls they want to sleep with - which provides motivation for some guys to be more over the top about things. Keep it simple like coffee or a beer and chatting.


What Guys Said 4

  • Society doesn't force men to pay on the first date. It's just well known that that is what happens. Here it's very common to just pay for yourself on the first date. Not too sure where you are from but if I like a girl I don't mind paying at all :) have a nice day :)

    • But why do I have to pay just because I'm male?

    • Because that's how the dating world had evolved guys compete just how it's always been. It's not sexist at all in my opinion. Might suck for cheap people but meh it's like $25 max

  • Because it's a cultural norm not based on sex but based on proposition. "Girls are asked out by guys" therefore the male is offering, by extension, the invitation. That's like inviting someone to your birthday party and them calling it cultural insensitivity when you didn't buy them a present for showing up to support you.

  • Who forces this?

  • Well, it kind of started when men decided women are not allowed to work, so it is very sexist indeed.

    Traditions tend to last a little too long *ahem* religion...

    • What bothers me the most is that liberals and even some feminists believe that men should pay too!

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