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So this woman who I work with has been sending me signals that lead me to believe she is interested in me. She winks at me, smiles at me like I am the only person in the room with long eye contact, she likes to tease me and get my attention when she walks by my cubicle. She always says good night before she leaves. So what do the great minds of GaG think? Does she seek a connection with me more than coworkers? Friends or more? I am putting my notice in tommorrow for a different job so I can date her without the awkwardness lol.


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  • If she does it only to you, go for it. If not, she's just being really friendly. :)

    • I am trying to find evidence that she does/does not it to other people but its hard to not let her see me observe her interactions without letting me see her.

    • Just casually mention to a co-worker "(Name) is really friendly, isn't she?" while she's gone.

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  • Just ask her out... how many times do i need to repeat this?

    • Well i meant to update the question but she's married... thats why. So now tell me?

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