Does she seem interested?

I'm a guy, I'm 16 and a junior in high school. In gym class I chose dancing for this unit because the other choices were fitness walking, tennis, badminton, and weight training which I don't enjoy, I only lift weights on my own time and don't like tennis or badminton. Anyways, we had to pick a girl to be our partner (they don't have to accept). There's this girl I like Ashley and I asked her to be my partner and she accepted. We've actually had some fun together this unit, and its brought us closer together and we really got to know each other. Sometimes during class she holds my hand with our fingers interlocked and puts her head on my shoulder. Does she seem to like me or just not find me repulsive?


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  • Glad you got lucky getting the girl you like in your class and as your partner!
    She seems like she's in dance class.
    She obviously doesn't find you repulsive.


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