Getting re-pissed about a situation and feeling sad?

So i was doing something that ruins relationships. I searched "photos liked by *insert name*" on facebook and saw a picture from a year ago of a selfie that a girl posted. My boyfriend and I didn't even know each other then. He used to like this girl but she never liked him back or wanted to hang out. He commented "dam😳" on her picture... Why has he never commented on my pictures anything like that? We've been together for almost 8 month and we do love each other.. I mean, he likes my pictures when I post them.. just has never commented something like that... Should I be sad about this? Because I am and I feel like I could cry..

by the way, please no rude comments...


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  • Not much you can do. Just let it go. If you're happy then does it really matter what he posted before you got together? Come on!

    • No I guess not... I guess I just wonder why he doesn't comment on my pictures... I know I don't really post a lot but when I do, he doesn't.. I don't know maybe I'll ask him... I just am really insecure about everything

    • You can't let him know you were snooping so word it carefully

    • Well it was like on the memory thing on Facebook lol

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