Would you date a guy or girl that farted loudly in public places?

I am not talking about it being an accident. I am meaning a person that just did not care who heard and felt their own personal comfort was more important than not farting in public so would just let rip loudly in any public place and in front of anyone.
  • Hek yes, they would be an awesome BF/GF
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  • I would ask them to stop it.
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  • I would dump them on the first fart.
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  • Other, please explain.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I like a person that has manners.

    This person should know how to behave in public. I'm assuming if they did that , they probably have a whole roll of rude behavior that they display in public since their own comfort is more important.
    Ex - burping , cursing etc.
    It'd be a turn off.


Most Helpful Guy

  • LOL I would yes, if a girl can fart, she can make me laugh my head off and if she can make me laugh my head off she can get into my pants and if she can get into my pants she can be my girlfriend.

    • What if you and your girlfriend were in a silent library together with people all around you and she whispered to you "Babe, I have to fart". Then she crossed her right leg over her left leg lifted her right butt check and ripped a long, loud, massive fart that reeked of rotten eggs in the direction of the person next to you and then said loudly "Ahhhh, that feels better with that out".

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    • Haha I am just messing with you. Farting, swearing and burping in public is whack.

    • Oh ok. LOL. Hahaha I honestly thought you did not mind.

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  • Sounds like what I do now... But I do it around other people and make them thing the other guy did it.

    • I use to fart loudly at university. I would be shitting 1 foot away or 2 at the very most from a group of pretty girls and I would lean to one side lift my butt check off the hard seat I was sitting on and then fart loudly in the direction of the girls.

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    • Hahahaha lol. Yeah well most girls actually found it funny. One girl laughed so hard she pretty much peed her pants for about 1 minute and then had trouble getting her laughter back under-control.

    • I farted really close like that to so many girls at university over the years. I was once sitting at a table on stools and this group of attractive girls was sitting behind me on lower sofa things so my ass was at their nose level and they were 2 feet behind me and I lifted my butt check and farted loudly on this wooden stool right next to the girls that were sitting on the sofa with their nose at my ass level.

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