How busy can a guy really be for a girl he's supposed to be getting to know?


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  • I'm literally going through the same thing!!! Except the reverse obviously. The last two girls I've been trying to go out with have both been very flirty and then I actually try to ask them out and they are always doing something. Why give me your number in the first place if you're gonna keep blowing me off?
    I know how frustrated you probably feel.
    By just like what aficionado said. If the guy REALLY likes the girl, he WILL make time. I would, I know that!


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  • If the guy really likes the girl, he WILL make time for her, however busy he is. No one can be too busy.

  • I will not dance around a circle when i wanted to get to know a person. I would be get to the right fuckin point by asking her out!


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