What if I contact my ex boyfriend out of the blue through Facebook? what do you think of this?


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  • The main question is who dumped whom 1st. If you're the dumpee, crawling back to the dumper. That's a pathetic behavior. You want someone who wants you.

    • it was kinda weird. i started the break up but he was like saying things are not like that, until he got disturb and annoyed and we fight. then one day i apologized and the other moment he was blockingme

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    • Yup. There is no point opening this thread right? Are you only asking for acknowledgement.

    • yep. just wondering.

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  • You need to listen to your own heart, not us. If you feel like something needs to be said, explained, asked... then go do it because regret will eat you alive.

    • i kinda feel curious but i also say if he wanted to talk he would.

    • This is true, but what if you're both thinking that way? "If she wanted to talk, she'd contact me"... "If he wanted to talk, he'd contact me." No one ends up talking that way, and no one will ever know what exactly the other is thinking.

    • true, but he also blocked me on whatsapp like 3 or 4 months ago. I did have a terrible behavior I know. But he hash t unblocked me. I would have to contact him trough Facebook.

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  • Bad idea. He's an ex it didn't work and never will. Just move on

    • yes, and I keep asking why it didn't work out when we had such a great time together or was it the distance and I believe, distance should not be a excuse to kicki me out of his life.

    • There were other reasons that you'll probably never know. Doing and saying nothing will get to him more than you trying to talk to him. This is one of those times you're going to put this in a file marked "sometimes life sucks" and file it away. That file for me is pretty fucking thick let me tell you

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  • I always advise anyone thinking of contacting an ex otherwise. It either ends up in more heartache or a regretful hookup


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