Can someone help me with this?

There is this girl who I recently made friends with. She's really nice and is honestly a perfect match for me. Anyways, I gave her my number on Saturday and it's now Monday and she hasn't texted me yet. She said she would, but I think she wants to text me when she has free time. We're both in college, after all. Now I actually got her email because I told her that I would send her a link for something. I sent it to her on Sunday night and she responded to me on Monday morning. By the looks of it, she seemed grateful and excited. She used exclamation marks and a smiley face. Anyways, what worries me is why she responded to the email, but hasn't texted me yet. I don't have her number. I saw her in the dining hall on Sunday night, but i had just finished eating when she came in and we just had a quick conversation. I saw her again in the dining hall tonight, but again, she came in when I was leaving. I got worried because she looked at me and said hi, but didn't smile or anything. She looked like she had just come from class, so I think that maybe she was just too exhausted from her day to show any kind of emotion. So far, she has shown a lot of interest in me, but I'm still wondering why she hasn't texted me yet. I'm so confused and anxious. She's such a perfect match for me and I really don't want to mess this up. Am I over-reacting?


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  • Well you're definitely not overreacting I can tell you that! Seems like you got a dilemma here. She could have lost your number and just forgot about it, but you don't wanna be pushy and ask her 'hey you should text me.' I'm not sure what to do but I bet someone else will. I wish you the best of luck 😕👍🏼


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