Is this girl sending me a signal? Or am I reading this wrong?

So this girl and I recently became friends and she has been pretty close lately like physically close. Like she really likes to push me and put her head on me and walk real close to me and rough house with me, but I don't see her doing this with other people... but who knows I don't stalk her so I really wouldn't know what she does with other people but that's besides the point. It seems like she is teasing me and likes to be around me. Is she giving me a signal or what is going on? I kinda do like her but I don't know if I should do anythinng she is 2 or 3 years younger than me so it would be a little weird but I do think she is attractive and a really nice girl. What do y'all think I should do?
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  • Yes it's a clear signal that she has interest towards you. Any form of touching is a form of flirting and a sign. Have you thought about reciprocating?

    • I do reciprocate, or I try to at least. When she is leaning on me I try to lean back and when she rough houses with me I do reciprocate but I would also do that to any friend regardless of my feelings to them so that's why I was asking what you thought she feels.

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    • Thank you for MH

    • Thanks for helping me out!

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  • I say go for it man.


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  • I am not sure. I think she like you but not like like you! I think your best bet is to ask but then again u are a bit to old for her. I am guessing next year you will be 18 and u can't be her boyfriend... bc its illegal.


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