First Date ideas?

I met this girl in uni (sophomore year) and we hung out a bit for like a week or two but i never got the chance to ask her out (midterm test period). So i want to "officialy" ask her out. So what sounds better :
1) movie, dinner, and a walk in the downtown area (its a cool place to walk in) and there aren't that many good movies showing.
2) late lunch/dinner at sunset in the bay area and a taking a walk there after dinner.
*any other ideas are welcome

Thanks :)


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  • For first dates, unless the chemistry is 100% clear, I wouldn't recommend doing too much or something too over-the-top romantic, because you don't know how compatible you are or if how cheesy you get will make her feel weird.

    For me, I like to typically do one to two activities at the most. Maybe like a Dave and Busters, where you can eat and play a few games. Maybe movie and a dinner after, something simple like that.


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  • Keep it casual. Go for a late lunch with sunset views. Then decide later if you want to take the walk. Just invite her for a late lunch, the rest should be a surprise and only if she is comfortable being there. If she looks like she wants to leave, pay and let her.


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  • Both sound great. You after your dinner, you could take her somewhere to stargaze


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