Bothered about my boyfriend's coworker. We've been together for 3yrs & never had problems til this year in March. I found some texts with a coworker?

.. where she sends him things that are past friendly to me. The least to worry about was her asking him if she should dye her hair a certain way & he told her she should dye it blonde. It bothered me because why does she care of his opinion, but whatvr. Then I run into a seductive pic she sent him of a girl w/no clothes from waist down & a thigh tattoo, which was her soon to be tattoo. & more down was an actual picture of her own thigh with her tattoo done. I thought it was inappropriate for him to be receiving pics like that from other girls. I was upset, confronted him, we talked about it & he told me he'd set boundaries. All love again. A month later I look at his texts again & see that she's still texting him a lot. He was supposed to help her study for a test from work the day after I had gotten upset with him for the pictures & he was the one who texted her and told her to meet him at a fast food place. He didn't end up going, but still upset that he texted her although he knew she bothered me. We "solved" things. He agreed to not help her. I tried not to look at his phone anymore, I wanted to just trust him, and 8 months passed & I look at it and find things that aren't ok again.. Example, she sent him a picture of her in a maid costume for Halloween and asked him if it was too slutty to wear to the office? Then another of her outfit on the actual Halloween night and she was a mouse? She also sends him sexual memes and I just don't understand why. I don't think he's cheated on me, to be honest I don't think she's very attractive but I don't find it okay for him to let this girl do this. Most of the time he replies to her with shorts texts, but sometimes he jokes around with her too.. Even the sexual memes. I don't think that's ok & find it disrespectful towards me :/ especially since he told me he'd set a line for her & it doesn't feel like he has. I'm not sure what to do since he doesn't even know I saw his texts again... I just know this is not ok.


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  • Tell him to stop it. That's not acceptable


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