Why is he constantly asking me out?

There's this guy in my class that trys to flirt with me all the time. Now we are not friends, we barley even talk to each other. It all started in the beginning of the school year. Him and his friends started with "hey he likes you" but then it started to change to "hey you want to sit next to me?" Or "hey hotass (my name)(sometimes its sweetass) you want to sit on my lap?" Now I am getting frequent questions asked about if I want to be their girlfriend. It first started with boy from their group but then it all changed to 2,3, and then 4. I think that they are joking around to see if I would fall for it because kids in my middle school knows that I am single, nows that I'm pretty innocent or look innocent annyway, and I have a 34d for boob size (guys are always looking there just in case it helps)

I want to know if these guys are just joking or for real? Plus its creeping me out!

by the way one of the guys admitted to my best guy friend that he had a crush on me but is it true? False?

Help please! Its a bit weird getting hit on during class.

Thank you😁
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  • seems like a weird ass bunch of boy who are trying there luck at getting you naked, if i am honest


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