What does she means?

1. She was giving me signs for 4 months that she likes me, she even cried infront of me when i dint pay attention to her.
2. Then one day she came and sat with me... we talked and exchanged emails.
3. But now she says, she has a boyfriend and we should only be friends.
4. But when i say "goodbye" , she says... "u have spoiled our friendship, u spoiled everything".
I dont know what she wants... please help me
I already told her i like her. she said "i like u too as a friend"


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  • Are you actually 25-29?

    • yes, why?

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    • She doesn't want to date you, but she wants you to want to date her.

    • ok fuck that bitch... im not contacting her again

  • She is mad at you and wanting to make you suffer.


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