I'm 26 and never been on a date? Help?

im a 26 year old virgin and I've never been on a date with a girl. I feel pathetic because of this. :( I tried tinder, but I live in a tiny town and there is rarely any girls on this app. How do I talk to a random girl in public? I thought it was considered perverted to walk up to a girl and try and talk to her. She would hate me and think I'm creepy if I did this


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  • I'm 35 and have my V card. Though on one side, it's a little dog earred. ;)

    I don't really deny it. I'm not obsessed with losing it, as I want to make it special. I'm glad I've never slept with any girlfriends.

    You know, in the last 10 years, I've been made fun of for being a virgin probably 3 times. And I've admitted it, and they shut up about it because it doesn't bother me that I'm not a virgin. It's not an issue because for me it makes sense.

    Dating, sure, it's a little later on that you haven't had a date. But then, how do you classify a date? I didn't date in high school, but I was set up for homecoming once, went out with friends to several proms, slow danced with girls I liked. So... I DID date. But nothing to wear I'd pat myself on the back for it.

    My first "official" date was when I was 21. That was late - in context of a lot of friends, that was SUPER late... but not unheard of.

    I had several friends who didn't date at all until 25, and married first/second boyfriends. These girls are gorgeous, attractive, and had their lives together. It didn't make them freaks that they hadn't dated yet. I doubt my friends saw them as freaks or weirdos... just a little surprised that they weren't already in relationships.

    I have several guy friends who didn't date until 28/29, and are in serious relationships that have lasted years (and they're still virgins). It's unusual only because I know a lot of girls who are pretty promiscuous (having slept with guys at age 11, having had probably over 10 partners by age 25, etc), but not unheard of.

    And again, I don't think any of my friends saw any of these guys or girls as "losers" because they didn't date.

    Perhaps just going out more, getting more hobbies that take you out of the immediate area, and talking to people (and being cool and interesting) will help. But being "desperate" might not be so good for your mojo. Be discerning, not in a rush to sleep with someone who might be horrible for you. That can kill confidence, and that can kill your chances for a relationship. But being open, without obsession, that can go a long way to helping your chances.

    Good luck.


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  • Firstly... get off tinder or any dating site... they are full of crappy people and highly egoistic girls, I also never been on a date, or even kissed a girl yet... but eventually you pass a line when you realize that you no longer care about losing your virginity or any other things due to social stereotypes... you will meet a girl, and it will be in real life not through the internet, so just chill... let life go on... you will meet "the one" eventually :)

  • Move to a populated city like LA.. Start training and working out. Buy nice clothes. Use tinder. You need to get out there now or it's never going to happen.

  • Alright, I will date you, for your sake.

  • first of all i shall tell u im 25 virgin who has never been on a date...
    so you're not alone... bro the right girl will come.///
    just watch the signs that women give and act on them...


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