Girl I went with a couple of times didn't contact me back since the last date, should I leave her alone?

Should I give up? She used to contact me more often before the date. She seemed fine when the date ended but didn't contact me. She even suggested that she would like to go somewhere.

I guess she is losing interest or needs space so I am going to back off. I kissed her at the end of the date, we didn't have sex but we only went on 5 dates. I tried to go for it but she wasn't sure so I didn't try anything with her.

So what should I do? Trying to contact her more now would only annoy her.


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  • I would suggest you to contact her, but just ONCE. If she fails top contact you even after that, you can safely assume that she's not interested, and move on.

  • Give it close to a week and if u dont hear from her casually text hows it going or something. If she doesn't respond she's moved on.


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