I want him to be more affectionate?

I've been seeing this guy (one of my close friends) for a few months.
We started seeing each other at uni but now we are 2 hours apart.
He doesn't want a girlfriend because he got out of a bad relationship & i'm at a point in life where i don't know what i'm doing & don't want to have to factor in a boyfriend.
Before we left uni he said he loved me but he hasn't said it since.

We talk via message every day multiple times a day & i visit every few weeks. I am seeing him this weekend because we are going to a mutal friend's party together.

I love talking to him but I wish he would put in some more effort. I want to actually talk on the phone, i want him to show a bit more affection.

The other day he said he missed me & the way he talks is like we will be seeing other for a while longer but I just want to escape the friend zone a bit more & feel some love a bit?


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  • He won't be changing anything... at least not now, he told you from the start he just came out of a bad relationship, it's not easy for him to show his affectionate side right now.

    So now it's up to you if you can wait for him to be ready or move on.


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  • He may feel that, given the distance, he shouldn't try to get too close with you. That's his decision to make, I wouldn't try to press him on it.

  • So force him to be.


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