He's moving back here in January from New York?

So there's this guy... We had some history freshman and sophomore year before he suddenly had to move back to New York with his family junior year.
We are 20 now and he's about to graduate from his school and move back to California (where we live) for an internship in January!
We hung out a week and a half ago because he was down here for the weekend. It had been 4/5 years since I've seen him and it felt like we've never been apart.

See the thing is before he moved and before we both found out he was moving
was he asked me on a date (movie and dinner)
i said no because I was nervous... I've since then always regretted it.

Well I'm hoping when he moved back here to Cali that we'd hopefully be able to give it another shot at dating (like really dating) because he's just as I remember
but even better now because we've both grown up and are heading towards a better future.

Should i I tell him how I feel when he moves back here to LA?

Or should I wait till he tells me how he feels.

Im just scared he's not thinking the same thing I am.



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  • Take your time and go with the flow. Ask him first how he feels about you. Or wait for him to let you know that he likes you first. If you intiate first he may not feel the same. You have to get use to him again.


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