I want to beat my little boy toy at his own little game! How does this sound?

So I have a friend with extra benefits type relationship with a guy! He's super handsome & very sweet & it's not like a friends with benefits with NO strings attached type thing, it's more than that but we're not in a relationship bc we want to become best friends before trying a relationship! So long story short, at first we would text every single day, all day! & now just recently, he may text me my morning text & we may text like 5 texts after that in the morning & then he will read my text & never reply dude lol! & then I have to wait all the way til the next Morning before I get another text & the same thing happens! We send a few texts & then he reads it & never replies to it! & recently, he may skip a day without texting me at all & I will not contact him because I'm always the last one to text him anyway lol & so when I don't text him, the next day he will end up texting me! He did warn me when we first started this THINGship lol that some days we wouldn't talk bc he be real busy & stuff but my thing is, there were times when he was SUPER busy & he still managed to talk to me throughout the day but he's stopped now! So I'm thinking about beating him at his own little game! I call it a game bc I don't think anyone is soo busy that they can't send one "i miss u" or "I'm thinking of u" text? Lol like come on now! He also said he's not by his phone 24/7 which I understand cuz people have lives to live lol but I mean we may talk at 9 in the morning & then after that I don't hear ANYTHING else from him! So, I'm thinking of doing the same thing to him so that he can know how it feels ya know? So I plan to wait for my good morning text lol & then send him a text & then at some point after a couple of texts, I will do exactly what he does to me & just read it & not even reply lol & then maybe text him the next day! Or who knows I might even wait to see if he texts ME the next day lol! I think it will show him how I be feeling when he does that! What y'all think?
  • Yes, definitely try your strategy out! It could show him exactly what he's doing to u & how u feel!
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  • No, not a very good idea! It's sort of childish!
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  • So. wait. first of all you sleep with people before you are even friends? I was raised to have it the other way around. Sounds like you are getting quite attatched. It's time to have a "talk," to find out if he wants a relationship that's more emotionally investing. Sounds like you are just his booty call. so it doesn't sound like he'll want one. But yeah, why play games, find out and move on if that's the case.

    • Noooooo omg I would never have sex with someone who isn't a friend, I have more morals than that! We are very close friends that really like eachother but want to be best friends before getting in a relationship like we wanna know more things about eachother first! We only had sex ONCE! ONE TIME!!! & it was months ago! I'm not his booty call trust me lol! After we had sex, we became SOOO much closer & he called me right after I left his house & was texting me that night & was saying how much he liked me! It wasn't fake! We talked every single day after that & he told me a lot of personal things & everything! Even his family members would talk to me on the phone & want to say hello to me! Trust me it's more serious than. What y'all are thinking! It's just lately, he's acting different !

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  • maybe it's because you text "lol" way too much... just in this text I counted 7 lol's and, frankly, it's a bit annoying. Maybe you text too much in general and he is backing off a bit to calm things down.

    you should not start the game playing. It is childish and will not solve anything. And being friends with benefits before entering a relationship is nonsense. You either are friends, fall in love and get commited or you are just fucking and are friends.

    If you are catching feelings (obviously) sit down together and have "the talk". Be ready to not hear what you are hoping for.

    • Omg u are so right about the "LOLs" seriously! It ends up in SOOO many of my texts! BUT we are not really that kind of friends with benefits though where we are just friends but have sex & then go & do whatever we want with other people bc there are no strings attached! It's not like that trust me ! I'm not the type to be able to handle that, no MAM haha! BUT we have already had the talk & we talked about the emotional connection after the sex bc we got soooo much closer afterwards! It only happened once! & he said he always tell people when they ask him why isn't he in a relationship, he tells them he wants to be best friends with a girl FIRST before getting in a relationship! I'm the same way honestly! & we are like besties but lately he's been distancing himself seems like! & I don't wanna completely cut him off but I mean I'm just not getting how we used to text literally ALL day & now, a few texts in the morning & that's IT! It's not like him at all! But I've been backing off!

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  • I'm guessing he's not much of your "toy", since you find the need to try childish ideas, just to retain him.

    • It's just aggravating & I just want to show him how it feels! What do u think I should do then?

  • very childish. i can't fathom how he dated a womanchild like you


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  • Oh for crying out loud! Really? Why not find a real bf! Becasue friends with benefits will never be a relationship. You can't contol anyone.

    • It's not that kind of friends with benefits !!! I need to edit that & explain it better but I thought I did already ugh! I've never wanted to be friends with benefits with NO strings attached! We have strings attached lol! We don't mess around with other people just bc we're not in a relationship, bc I don't play that kind of stuff! BUT I AM backing off & I mean i want aomeone who is consistent & someone who is TRYING to talk to me u know? He used to talk to me all through the day & he was in school, clinicals, has a job AND studied a lot & he STILL talked to me all day & now he's not in school right now, doesn't have a real job (he helps family members for money right now) & he's not in clinicals so he can't be that busy! I'm like almost fed up with it & everyday I'm starting to feel stronger & stronger about maybe letting him go but I would hate to bc we were so very close but now I'm rethinking things !

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    • oh I am sorry...

    • It's okay! Thanks for opinions tho!

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