Date with shy girl - How'd it go?

Me and this girl had a thing years ago but she had the Helga Patacki syndrome and started being mean to push me away. She's a little awkward girl but we were always good friends.

Fast forward and we went on a date yesterday to the park and drove row boats. She teased me a lot about various things and we had fun. She'd smile at me real genuinely and we'd laugh at things. We also had deeper conversations. We talked about future things like our careers and dream places to live.

Towards the end she got a little weird though... she got more quiet and reserved. At the end before we left I asked if she had a good time and smiled at her... she smiled back then looked down kind of emotionless and said "Thanks for taking me" I wanted to move in for kiss but it seemed too much so I opened my arms for a hug. She kinda froze and looked at me like "what are you doing?" But I hugged her. She just stood there and didn't hug me back haha so I looked at her with a joking "what are you doing" look and playfully shook her to try and loosen her up a bit. Then I moved her arm around me and we held each other for about 5 seconds or so.

Haha afterwards we said see ya and I said I'd text her sometime and she said ok. But I don't know if I moved too much here? Shy people what do you think? I didn't see anything wrong with a hug but I didn't want to weird her out either! Also keep in mind she hasn't dated a lot.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Shy girl here, lmao😂 but all jokes aside you said she has not been on a lot of dates so when you tried to kiss/hug her at the end of the date you probably caught her off guard after a day at the park of you two laughing, talking and joking around like friends do and at the end of the date it finally hit her oh snap I'am not just hang out with a friend, this is a date. So I think you just caught her off guard like she was not prepared for that to happen.😅

    • Yeah she's only had one boyfriend. Haha yeah I mean it is funny but I'm just worried I made her too uncomfortable. That's why I hugged instead of kiss because I thought that was safer, guess not... lol but I wanted to make some type of move! You shy people are difficult sometimes haha.

What Guys Said 1

  • I think you should go for the kiss at the end of the date. Hugging is for friendship vibe. If she happened to turn her head and give you a cheek kiss? Move on. Obviously you both have been having a great time, why would she be holding back?


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