Can't make up my mind. They're both so perfect for me. What do I do?

I have a weird life - I go through lengthy periods where I don't get any dates, followed by a brief period where I'm flooded by dates. Given my experiences, I've learnt to give everyone a go and not focus on one girl and reject the rest, with the hope that that one girl will like me... only to regret later that I chose the wrong girl!
This time, I went with an open mind and heart and have been the best I can. Likewise, these two girls have been the best they can. I kind of avoided sex, knowing that they really like me, but they were pushing for it. I gave in to both.
I haven't said I'm exclusive to either yet because I can't make up my mind. They really are so great that I can't fault them. One of them is hinting to me that she wants a relationship with me, and I'm sure the other one will too. What do I do? What do I tell them?
I don't want to eff this up. I really really like them both.


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  • Then give it more time and see.
    But be honest about your intentions.


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