When a girl always sets a time limit but stays longer?

Whenever we meet she always gives me a time limit but stays for longer might extend for an hour also so this surely means there is no time limit but why she does this? We both are very close friend and she knows i like her. She also gave mixed signs of attraction too.


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  • Maybe she sets limits because she has responsibilities to attend, but if he extends she clearly enjoys your company.

    • Yaa but problem is she always has do this

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    • Thanku

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  • "'she also gave me mixed feelings of attractions too"' she obviously like you man. be bold and ask her out


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  • Let's say, you call her, but she says she can only be on the phone for like 20 minutes but the call lasts 2 hours, she sets a time limit hoping you will stay in the phone longer. Or she just really like talking to you! It's not hard to figure out that she likes you and likes talking to you.


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