Advice on my situation?

Hey guys. I understand I must move on and continue my life like I have the last month but I just want others opinions on this and what my ex is really doing. i'm 18 she's 18 we dated for 2 years and Moved in together before we finished highschool. We lived together for 6 Months. I noticed after a few months of living together she would get mad really easily, and never wanted to be intimate with me she went to the doctor and she was given something, it was "anxiety" the doctor said. Anyways she was pretty ignorant about it and never had it. Near middle of October i asked her like whats wrong and as she's crying she said I love you, you mean everything to me but I hate you and your presence annoys me. After that day the next day a Friday she got picked up by her 24 year old co worker (Guy) who works at fastfood for living and is into drugs. we broke up Oct 15 and its been a month. After that day she's been with him ever since. Active no contact nothing at all, its like she ran away. she's avoiding our bills and even her own bills. Anyways one day when i was working I work at a bank. Im on break and she shows up at my work for no reason and trys to talk to me with a smile on her face when she's with this guy. And out of no where he got in my face. I've never spoken to him before. I've gone back to our old place and furniture is sill there but her clothes and makeup is gone... she's living with this guy. She told me she was living in her own but i caught that lie. m since i know her financial state and her stuff is still there. What I want to know is, At my age im more successful then him im 18 i have a better job im a good person, i never had friends that were girls around her nothing to affect relationship im a good guy. She shows hate, like im a nobody and she's with a 24 year old guy who deals drugs and works at fast food. I NEVER compare myself to other but when i saw him hea really bad looking. Does she have mental issues.. A rebound?
Also forgot to add, she said that she didn't want toclive with me anymore all pissed of so I actually
got my own place and left. But wouldn't that mean she can stay at our old place? Its like i actually moved on but since she saw me doing she went with this guy


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  • You broke up. Moving on means you don't ask these kinds of questions.

  • Just a personality of you that annoys her man, just a simple change could get rid of it, she'll love you. You asked too late... the thing is you need to know why she doesn't like your presence. The thing is she can't deal with having the 'anxiety' that she thought you are going to do, like from your personality.
    Truthfully it's like I hate my grandma for being annoying everyday but I do love her, I do understand that she's old and it's usually leads to that personality when people get old. But just like her, I don't want to tell her because I don't want to break her heart as she took care of me very nicely and anyway she's my grandma, I need to respect that. My dad and mom has the personality too but they will take it easy on me. :P so they're not so of a big deal.
    So the thing with you WAS that, just that you don't know what actions to take, and she can't ask you directly as she's afraid for hurting you but also due to that, she prefer going away from you.


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