Just a casual question on this site, Help?

I know u hear that a lot in this site but I need help getting a girlfriend!
My last relationship wz pretty fucked up, Cuz basically I didn't care about it like I should do, I'm regreting about it, not becuz of my Ex, but I realized I didn't have somethin real my entire life, So I promised my self that I'll be much better this time, so please can u help me with that?


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  • Just do what you did with your last girlfriend

    • Well my Ex had a crush on me, she admit it, & I was like "Why not, let's give it a shot!!" & So it was!

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    • No probz. And remember that some girls always keep their guard up so when you talk to a girl like that and don't get anywhere just shrug it off and move on to another girl

    • Alright.

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  • O_o Help you with what?


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  • Well you're already set in that you intend to change your bad behavioral patterns. Now all that's left is to get into another relationship the same way you did before unless getting into one was also fucked up.

    • Then I'll need another girl who have a crush on me 😂

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