If someone confesses their feelings why don't you respond? Please help me?

I really thought he liked me. In the back of my mind I knew nothing would ever happen, but we only have one life, so I confessed how I felt 2 days ago.
For months we've been friends, and talk everyday via text. Whenever he was around he'd always one way or another end up touching me; whether its my arm, legs, hands. During movies he used to play with my hair too... He's also my brothers friend, though.
So I sent him a message 2 days ago stating that I dont know how it happened, and currently have no explanation for it, but that I like him. I did day dont respond to this message because its highly embarrassing for me;
and now for 2 day, its been full on silence.
When he was feeling sad one night i dropped him off a hot chocolate and cookie outside his front foor, because thats what he likes... everything was going so well
I dont understand? I'm almost certain he liked me... just by the way he looked at me...
I dont understand?


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  • Well, you told him not to respond, so he's not lol. He might be conflicted since he is also your brother's friend. (i. e. he doesn't want to make it awkward). You may want to consider talking to your crush in person or even your brother to get over this hump.

    • I know I told him not to... but I expected a little... something?
      It's fine. I'm leaving the country for a while anyway. Things should simmer down then.

    • Guys can take things very literally. I'm not surprised :P

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  • I guess he's a dumbnut? I don't know.

  • Maybe he doesn't like you back or he can't date you for some reason.


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