Best places or things to do when you are going out with a guy for the first time?

So I met this guy at this school dance. He is super funny and we got along really well and we are now talking on whatsapp. I told him that I write songs on my guitar and he said he would love to hear them the next time we see each other. (winking face included afterwards) Now I don't know if that means he asked me out but that is for another question. If we did see each other again, where do you suggest we go or what we do? I do not want it to be awkward because I don't know him too well yet but I would like to :)


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  • For the first time, definitely start small.

    Dating is just like a business or a job; you start off small then invest more as you go along.

    I'd say a good place to start dating would be a relaxing and sociable environment where you two can get comfortable, be yourselves and get to know each other.

    A great example of this is Starbucks!

    I'd definitely avoid unsociable environments for the first few dates like a movie, or some really expensive place. You just met the person, so you have to get to know them more and not invest too much into them before you do.

    Hope this helps!


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  • you can tell him a few things you like, but at the end let him plan.


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  • Go carting! Its super cute and fun.

  • At the park maybe?


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