How to prove my ex if she gives me a second chance it will work out better?

How can i tell and show her i want another chance? We broke up because i was too dependent and now that we are broken up she started drinking again and i really hate seeing her like this she is such a smart girl but she just seems to not handle it well.. I want to be there for her and be able to help her how can i show her drinking isn't the way, I don't know if she is missing me or if she is just doing it to anger me? I just want her to be safe! And the only way i feel she is safe is when im with her!


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  • It sounds like she's doing it for the attention because she knows you care. She's old enough to make her own decisions. I think you need to stop worrying and just sit back and see what happens. The more you worry and bug her with your dependency the further she will push you away.

  • You're sounding a little creepy there. She may be making poor choices, but at least now she's able to make those choices. It sounds like if she's with you, she can't make any choices, and has to be a good little girl. Is that what you want, a little pet?

    Bit harsh, but you need to step back and think about how she does get to make her own choices.


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