I am extremely selfish?

I am so selfish at times that i forget others. I am very goal oriented, which means if i want something i will get it regardless of what others want. Its a bad habit cause i end up losing others around me. For example, when i work or go to school, i simply dont eat because i am busy, or if i want a house thats just what i search for and i dont take care of myself, i barely sleep, i m up all night, I wanted my drivers license so that is just what i did, save tons of money working 3 jobs next to school. I work work work, and i barely enjoy life. Its really bad sometimes but i can't stop. What do you call someone like this? Even with sex , i rarely return the favor, and i forget men like its nothing...


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  • Okie now u did the first thing of solving the problem which is knowing where is the problem
    How do u manage to end this? I will give u my answer but I want to know what do u think of

  • I treat others how I want to be treated, because what goes around comes around. Enjoy.

    • but now i have barely any friends, im23 and a lot of people alreayd have their group of friends

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