I need a good advice about boy problem. Please help so confused?

Can someone please help me? Im dating this guy and his really sweet to be but at the same time im really confused about where I stand with him. He keeps being off and on again but techinically we're not going steady and only seein each other. We would be talking through out the week but when it comes to the weekend he just doesn't reaply to me. I've been seein him for 6 months now and I don't wanna come accross as too needy and keep texting him first all the time and he has told me really likes. But I just don't really know. He has prevously asked me to meet his friends and I've met his sister but thats about it.


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  • I would back off a little let him wonder what's up with you if he doesn't reach out to you then I would kick him to the curb

  • I am not sure about him! Maybe u should ask him since he know more than us!


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