Should I be concerned?

Should I be concerned my boyfriend watches Disney Channel? On my Netflix history, it showed he watched a whole season of Girl Meets World. Which from my understanding, is a show about 2 teen girls and the crap they go through. He's 21. I honestly find it kind of weird and annoying. Sort of pissed about it too. Does anyone else think this weird or am I overreacting?


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  • No u should be more concerned on why it bothers u.


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  • I think you're overreacting. It's a kids show, not child porn? It's fair enough you find it weird but I don't see any harm in it really?

  • If it's just Girl Meets World, I wouldn't worry too much honestly. Boy Meets World was a masterpiece of a TV show and almost everyone was excited about the spinoff. If he isn't talking to you about the show or trying to encourage you to watch it then who cares?

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