Texting aftwr first date + eye contact+ insisted on paying does this mean he is interested?

Went on a first datw with a guy 5 days ago
He was very polite and was looking directly into my eyes the whole time. At the end he was very eager to pay for me. He texted me two hours after. I was away this weekend and then he texted me after the weekend and also on Monday morning to ask how my interview went. I haven't heard from him today but I'm getting impatient why did he text me and all after the date and act so intested? Is it too long now to assume he is interested in a second date?


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  • He seems to be interested. Why are u getting impatient because he haven't text you in one day? Maybe he was busy. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that he's not interested anymore. If u haven't heard from him in 2 weeks now thats different.

    • I guess because he hasn't made second date plans yet. Do you think after 5 days there's still a chance he will ask

    • Yeah after 5 days I think there's still a possibility he'll ask for a second date. Also, I dont think it's anything wrong if u text him first.

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