Girls, why does she take such a long time to answer?

the girl i am currently crushing takes a long time to answer my fb texts what does this mean? is she implying implicitly that she's not interested? should i take it as a hint and back the fuck off?


Most Helpful Girl

  • She could be busy
    She could be not interested
    She could be not wanting to seem clingy
    It could be anything really.

    • and how am i supposed to guess what's going on in her head? why do girls play these silly childish games? why couldn't she be straightforward and tell she's not interested instead of leading me on like this

    • That's when you will just have to ask her... I don't know why some girls play these games

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What Girls Said 2

  • She might be busy. I wouldn't take it as "Back the f*** off" unless she actually says that for herself.

  • it could mean she busy eating, brush her hair, etc etc... but if she take sooo long u might want to ask her why


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