Do you believe "creep-shaming" is a real thing? what to you is a creep?

here's a great blog (I think?) that explains how I feel about it best:

personally, I find guys creepy when they won't leave me alone after I tell them I'm not interested. how attractive he is, or how wealthy he appears to me has no effect on that..

a few months ago as I was walking home after spending a little time on the beach a guy came out of nowhere, made a little joke, which made me laugh and started a conversation with me about several random things. he was funny, well dressed, and good looking, but didn't have an overall personality I actually find attractive. eventually, I really just wanted to finish my walk alone (I'm a bit of a loner and enjoy walks by myself often) so I politely said to him "well it was nice talking to you, I'm going to put my ear phones back on and finish my walk." he then got upset and started asking what's wrong with me? is it because I'm short? we were the same height by the way and personally I prefer guy close to the same height, not overly tall.. is it the way I'm dressed? and several other random questions about what was wrong with him.. I told him nothing. I just wanted to be alone and nicely asked him to stop following me. he refused. asked over and over again what be did wrong. asked me why I was being so mean and only finally stopped following me when I threatened to walk over to the nearby police station. It should NEVER get to that point. that guy was a special level of creep. but he wasn't the first guy to follow me and refuse to go away the first time I asked. those are the men I find creepy. I don't care what you look like or how much money you make. your creepiness is entirely based on behavior AFTER you've been turned out.
  • yes, women treat unattractive men/seemingly poorer men like creeps
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  • yes, women treat men they find unattractive like creeps
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  • no. it's an excuse men make when they're turned down often
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  • no. it's an excuse men use not to even try.
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  • other. EXPLAIN BELOW
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  • I am not sure if thats a thing!

    • it's not. a bunch of sexually frustrated men who behave inappropriately are trying to make it a thing online though. ;)

    • wow... well I am not supporting anything like that...

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  • Some people are legitimatly creepy.
    Some people do creepy shit but never get called up on it, because they are attractive.
    Some people get called creepy just because they are unatractive (and are otherwise acting completely normal).

    It is disturbing for how many vapid people 'creepy' is a go to word.

    • I didn't mean to upvote this.

      I don't think attractiveness has anything to do with it. it's how the guy behaves that makes him creepy or not

  • I think some men find themselves in a very confused state when some women expect them to be initiating and "never give up" and "fight for what you want and love" because that somehow is proof that they like the woman.

    Sometimes this strategy works and something they turn into a creep. They generally turn into a creep when the woman is not interested. If she likes him then he is simply a assertive guy that "takes what he wants" and are applauded for it.

  • You got to keep something on you
    i wouldn't bring a gun.. but maybe
    especially a horn.. to get peoples attention and let them be aware of the creep.. get someones attention..

    even a tazer...

    you dont even have to plan on using it.. just let them know you're armed.. and you're not going down without a fight

  • what the fuck...

    i personally find the abundance and misconstruction of the word creepy fucking annoying to say the least.

    • that's not really answering the question

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    • that doesn't always work.

    • you left that part out in lieu of "it was nice talkin to you", among other trivial details.

  • I don't really think it's unattractive guys that get misunderstood. Usually even if he's not that good looking, if he's still nice girls will mostly be nice back unless they're horrible people.

    The real misunderstood ones are nervous guys. Often because they let moments linger too long while working up courage, and nervous stares while working up courage to talk to someone are often misconstrued as creepy stares.

    But that's because no one wants to put any effort into raising little boys to feel confident and empowered. Boys have to attain confidence and empowerment through some hunger games ape sanctuary type environment. Boys are never taught a love our confidence in themselves that comes independent of validation through sexual conquest.

    That's the stem of take culture today. We teach boys to be tools that are used, and rules and consequences. We teach girls to be objects to be manipulated, and to beware, but to love themselves.

    I think I'm just rambling now lol

    • confidence and empowerment have very little to do with why a guy ultimately gets turned down

    • I pretty much turned this whole thing into a rant about rape culture lol. As far as your question is concerned, disregard anything past the 2nd paragraph.

    • I didn't read that far actually. lol

  • Some guys absolutely are labelled as creeps simply because they were unattractive and if an attractive person said the exact same things they did in the exact same way in the same context he wouldn't be labelled as a creep. I am in no way excusing guys that make sexual remarks to complete strangers because that is creepy. But there are guys who politely introduce themselves and halfway through their hello they're told to stop sexually harassing the girl. So it's a thing and yes actual creeps are going to hide behind it to try and get away with what they do but that doesn't excuse what girls do to unattractive guys that aren't creeps. Everyone deserves to try and find love without having to be called a creep. It's easy for attractive women to act so superior and label others creepy and themselves as not creepy because they've never actually had to be on the other side of the dating world.


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